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Skate Canada's Code of Ethics

Approved by Skate Canada's Board of Directors

Approved on August 4, 2017


The purpose of Skate Canada's Code of Ethics is to outline the organizations's expectations and guiding principles for appropriate decision making and behaviour.


This code of ethics applies to all skaters, officials, coaches, employees, board members, volunteers, alumni, and hall of fame members of Skate Canada and its affiliate organizations. This code of ethics also applies to parents and guardians who participate in and observe related activities.

Code of Ethics

  1. I will conduct myself in a manner that is of the highest standards, follows Skate Canada's vision and mission, and is athlete-centered.
    1. I will treat all people with respect, dignity, and sportsmanship.
    2. I will act on the belief that the athlete as a person is more important than their success or my success in the sport.
    3. I will conduct myself professionally during all interactions in and surrounding Skate Canada activities.
    4. I will use positive discipline that includes setting fair rules, listening, problem-solving, encouraning, and being a good example. I will not use hamrful methods such as but not limited to hitting, name-calling, yelling, or using insults, intimidation, or rejection.
    5. I will disclose any conflict of interest and not allow myself to be influenced in a way that could conflict with the best interest of the organization or the organization's reputation.
    6. I will not engage in behaviour that is intented to wrongfully manipulate the outcome of a competition or test.
    7. I will respect the coach/athlete relationshilp and will not solicit the athlete/s of another coach.
    8. I will never engage in any exploitative, abusive, or corrupt relationshilps. I will always act in a kind and judicious manner.
    9. I will support an inclusive sport for all, regardless of race, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin, citizenshlip, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status, disability or any other ground of discrimination prohibited by human rights legislation.
    10. I agree to follow the ISU Code of Ethics at all hosted and non-hosted ISU events.
    11. I agree to advocate and practice the principles of Safe Sport.
  2. I will not participate in activities that are abusive or criminal. I will also not participate in activities that disrespect human rights or that risk the reputation of Skate Canada.
    1. I will adhere to all federal, provincial, municipal, and host country laws.
    2. I will notify Skate Canada if I face any new related criminal charges, ongoing criminal investigations, convictions, or bail conditions.
    3. I will not use my power or authority in an attempt to coerce another person to engage in sexual activity or to participate in unethical and/or criminal activities.
    4. I will not in any way behave sexually with children or youth. This includes but is not limited to the use of sexual jokes, language, and/or names; participation in sexual touching and/or exploitation; the use of, reference to, or participation in pornography.
    5. I will not participate in any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, neglect, intimidation, or exploitation.
    6. I will not use technology or social media to disrespect or exploit others.
    7. I will not abuse or exploit children or youth in any way and will immediately report to the appropriate authorities and Skate Canada ( if I see or suspect anyone else doing so.
    8. I will not possess, use, or promote the use of illegal substances or performance enhancing drugs.
  3. I will follow all of Skate Canada's bylaws, policies, and rules and commit to reading all amendments and updates at the time of registration and throughout the year.
  4. I will not attempt to cover up or conceal any conduct of an individual that is, or may be, in breach of this Code and will report any violations.
  5. I will fully cooperate with Skate Canada's investigations.
  6. I understand that a violation of this Code on my part may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from Skate Canada.

The above commitments constitute Skate Canada's Code of Ethics

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