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STARSkate Test Points


There are a total of 6 dance points available. The table below describes how the dance points are allocated.

Old System New System Value Comment
Preliminary dances: Star 1 dance elements 0  
Dutch Waltz Star 2a Dutch Waltz 0  
Canasta Tango Star 2b Canasta Tango 0  
Baby Blues Star 3a Baby Blues 1* *1 pt if 2a, 2b & 3a are complete
Junior Bronze dances: Star 3b dance elements 0  
Swing Star 4a Swing 0  
Fiesta Tango Star 4b Fiesta Tango 0  
Willow Waltz Star 5a Willow Waltz 1* *1 pt if 4a, 4b & 5a are complete
  Star 5b dance elements 0  
**both systems merge at this point Sr. Bronze Ten-Fox  0  
  Sr. Bronze Fourteenstep  
  Sr. Bronze European 0  
  Bronze Creative 1* *1 pt if 3/4 of Sr. Bronze is complete
  Jr. Silver Harris Tango  
  Jr. Silver Rocker Foxtrot  
  Jr. Silver American Waltz  
  Jr. Silver Keats Foxtrot 1*  *1 pt if all of Jr. Silver is complete
  Sr. Silver Paso Doble  
  Sr. Silver Starlight Waltz 0  
  Sr. Silver Blues 0  
  Sr. Silver Kilian 0  
  Sr. Silver Cha Cha Congelado 0  
  Silver Creative 1* *1 pt if 4/6 of Sr. Silver are complete
  Gold Viennese Waltz 0  
  Gold Westminster Waltz 0  
  Gold Argentine Tango 0  
  Gold Quickstep 0  
  Gold Silver Samba 0  
  Gold Creative 1* *1 pt if 4/6 of Gold are complete
  Preliminary Creative 0